VALENCIA: la ciudad más saludable del mundo. Hoy, 2021

Según la revista Money, Valencia es la ciudad más saludable del mundo. Hoy, 2021.

El estudio, realizado por Salman Haqqi, revista Money, ha tenido en cuenta las variables de esperanza de vida, salud, contaminación del aire, obesidad, seguridad y horas de sol diarias. La clave: nuestro estilo de vida mediterráneo, donde la comida es una parte importante de lo que somos. Dieta equilibrada, buenos productos y una buena mesa alrededor donde conversar.

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Revealed: the world’s healthiest places to live

Written by Salman Haqqi, Senior Personal Finance Writer

Valencia is the healthiest city in the world

Valencia is more than just a city famous for its Paella, it is also the healthiest city in the world! This beautiful Spanish city places joint third on our index for greatest life expectancy due to an array of lifestyle factors.

Firstly, this city has the ideal climate. It’s not too hot and not too dry, so there is plenty of greenery to provide clean air. Valencia also has lots of sunshine, so you can easily absorb that all-important vitamin D needed to keep your muscles strong. The sea breeze helps to blow away excess pollution in the air and their diet is also well balanced. Valencian paella is a great representation of their diet. Their famous dish has excellent nutritional value from fresh produce, is low in fats and high in omega-3 and protein from the fish.

Like many of the healthiest countries, this city also promotes an easy-going and relaxed lifestyle. It is renowned for its musical and cultural heritage and encourages social interaction. Rather than being defined by their jobs like many other cities, the people of Valencia define themselves by making personal and meaningful connections with their friends and family, ultimately creating one of the healthiest communities in the world.

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